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Showing posts with label free Serbian lessons. Show all posts

Serbian Present Tense: 3rd Person Plural

Serbian present tense is not very difficult for understanding and remembering. The only part that might make certain difficulty to the Serbian learners is the form for 3rd person plural.

Let’s repeat the endings: Singular: -M, -Š, -O, Plural: -MO, -TE, -U/-E/-JU.

These endings are always the same for every verb of Serbian language in present tense whose basic form (infinitive) end with –TI. The only form with variations is 3rd person plural –U/-E/-JU.

But there is a rule that might help us to choose the right ending with a verb we want to conjugate or to use in a sentence.

In 3rd person of Serbian present tense, endings might be –U, -E or –JU. That depends on a 1st  of the verb we want to conjugate. 

If the verb in its 1st person form ends with –im, form in a 3rd person will end with          –EVerbs: voleti (1st person – volim, 3rd person – vole), videti (1st person – vidim, 3rd person – vide), misliti (1st - person mislim, 3rd person – misle), tražiti (1st person – tražim, 3rd person – traže) etc.

If the verb in its 1st person form ends with –em, form in a 3rd person will end with         –UVerbs: kazati (1st person – kažem, 3rd person – kažu), piti (1st person – pijem, 3rd person – piju), pasti (1st person – padnem, 3rd person – padnu), jesti (1st person – jedem, 3rd person – jedu), etc. These verbs are most often irregular.

The majority of the verbs end with –JU in a 3rd person plural of present tense. These verbs are mostly regular and end with –am in a 1st person of present tense.

If you have more questions about the Present tense in Serbian language, write to Serbian Teacher Online -
Lidija Novakovic Lagrini

Basic Serbian for Adults - 5 Free Lessons

'Basic Serbian for Adults' is a material for beginners who want to learn Serbian language. It's meant to be used with a help of Serbian teacher, but some of the exercises are also suitable for individual learning. 

When you want to learn Serbian language, internet doesn't offer you so many options, even if we have many excellent teachers in our country. Quality material for learning Serbian is not so easily accessible online. 
You may visit website with the good grammar explanations here or colorful blog Slovce here with different contents. 
Besides that, I sincerely don't have other good options to recommend. If you know some other good websites for learning Serbian, feel free to post links in comments bellow. 

I am a Serbian teacher for many years in schools and online. To spread our beautiful language around the world is my personal and national interest. 

The material which you may find in this post contains pictures, exercises and grammar rules, and it's meant to be used with a help of Serbian teacher.
In first five lessons we are learning about:

2) Family members
4) Personal pronouns in Serbian
5) Verb 'zvati se'
6) Auxiliary verb 'jesam'
7) Body parts
8) How to say time in Serbian
9) Colors
10) Present tense of regular verbs 
11) Verb 'nisam'
12) Numbers, days, months in Serbian language

Ako ste početnik u učenju srpskog jezika, nema puno kvalitetnog materijala za učenje dostupnog onlajn. Ima nekoliko kvalitetnih blogova i sajtova, i to je sve.
Materijal koji možete preuzeti na ovoj strani predviđen je da se koristi uz pomoć nastavnika. Neka od vežbanja su takođe pogodna za samostalno učenje.

Enjoy in learning Serbian!

Lidija Novaković Lagrini

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