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The great way to learn Serbian is to watch movies, TV-shows and to follow Serbian YouTube stars. 

Have you already heard for Dinja ? 12.000 people like her on Facebook, she has 60.000 followers on Instagram and her videos on Youtube are seen 3.000.000 times. Her jokes are sharp, absurd, hilarious, extremely funny and often funny and serious at the same time.
Wouldn't you like to know what is she talking about ? 

Gaće su pravo izbora - The Underpants are the Right of Choice

What kind of question is that - why am I wearing underpants around my neck ?!! 
You are violating my integrity, you don't have any right to ask me that !! 
My underpants are my jewelry. 
And ? Now what ? 
As a woman, I have the right to choose how do I wear my underpants, around the neck or... 
I don't understand, why are you abusing me ?!

Let me know which other clips do you like. Learn Serbian online while laughing with Serbian humor. 

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