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Serbian movies with English subtitles - Српски филмови са енглеским титлом

During online course of Serbian language, in intermediate faze of your learning, Serbian teacher will recommend watching movies with English subtitles. Learn Serbian through entertainment - by watching movies.

Serbian movies with English subtitles
The choice of Serbian movies with English subtitles online is not very wide, but it becomes better every day. 
It is possible to find really good classical or modern movies, with subtitles of a solid quality. 
This activity should be very useful for the expanding of Serbian vocabulary and it's highly recommended by Serbian teacher.
Enjoy the movies !


Mi nismo anđeli 2 (We are not angels) - comedy 

This is a second part of a trilogy about young people and their emotional adventures. Most of the characters are eccentric and colored with specific humor. Angel and devil are fighting for the soul of a leading character. In all three parts the actors are excellent. The first part was the biggest success, but also other two have some qualities. 

The leading character, intellectual, complicated and destructive young man, is called Slobodan Milosevic. Just like a Serbian president (intellectual, complicated and destructive) in nineties. Coincidence or not? Decide for yourself by watching this interesting movie.
It belongs to the movement 'black wave', one of the best periods in Serbian cinematography. 
These movies are often dark and cynical, but they are sharp and intelligent critique of Yugoslavian society. 

Rane (Wounds) - black comedy about nineties 

Period from 1990. in Serbian society is very complex and it's not easy to explain it by words. It's much better to understand it from the movies. This period has many dark sides, but also many ridiculous and entertaining sides, and lots of that is shown in a movie Wounds. 
In nineties, wounds are not only left on the body. The mind is wounded even more.  

Buffet Titanic - drama

A film made by famous Balkan director Emir Kusturica. His name is a recommendation by itself. Many movie lovers agree that Kusturica gave his best in his early works, like in this movie from 1979.

Turneja (Tour) - action, black comedy, war movie

The story is placed in 1993. when group of actors travel from Belgrade to Bosnia. In Bosnia, the war has already started. By playing their theater play, actors can't avoid contact with all three sides...
The movie is based on the namesake theater play and the director is also one of the best Serbian directors - Goran Markovic.

Balkanski špijun (Balkan Spy) - black comedy

Leading character is Ilija Čvorović, in interpretation of famous Serbian actor Danilo Bata Stojković. As a former political prisoner, now he is suspicious about everything and everybody. The most 'suspicious' is his subtenant, businessman just returned from Paris. Ilija and his brother begin their own investigation against this man because they believe he is the national threat. Their investigation is weird, funny and absurd.

Boj na Kosovu (The Battle of Kosovo) - historical drama

This movie is made for 600 years anniversary of the battle at Kosovo polje, the most important battle in Serbian history. Characters are famous in a history: king Lazar, Milos Obilic, sultan Murad and many others. The year is 1389, and king Lazar with his army is confronting powerful Ottoman forces... This battle was inspiration to Serbian poets for many many years... 

In general, Serbian cinematography offers a lot to the movie enthusiasts and film lovers. In these movies one may find exciting life stories, acting of high quality and Slavic soul poetics. 

If you want to know more about the topic or you need a recommendation, write me
Watching Serbian movies with English subtitles might make significant contribution to your knowledge of Serbian language. In any case, you may enjoy the movies.

Your Serbian teacher online, Lidija Novakovic Lagrini

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  1. I really like this Serbian movie Hadersfild. Have you seen it?
    Ed Ames

  2. Yes, it's a good recommendation to be added to the list.